Hoquiam Farmers Market Update

That wonderful cooler also contains Oysters!!!!!  Fresh from Lytles Seafoods, located 5 miles west of Hoquiam, these are the tastiest bivalves ever known to grace your table!  I love them fried, baked, sauteed, or added to a cioppino.  What I love even more are the smoked oysters.  Oh goodness- even the fussiest gourmet will be asking your advice if you serve these heavenly morsels of perfection!  Boil up some cheese tortellini, add olive oil in which you’ve browned some garlic, toss in the smoked oysters- Voila!  Your reputation is made.  Of course, remember to buy an extra package to snack on or serve with crackers.


Ruth brought in sweet corn from her garden last week!  The only problem is, she doesn’t have a huge field of it, and her corn spoils you for eating any other corn.  But you deserve the very best, and this is definitely it!  The Chanterelle mushrooms keep coming, and the first Pumpkins arrived!  They’re so pretty, it’s tempting to use them for decoration, but they will also cook up the tastiest pumpkin pie you’ll ever make!   Your children will never forget the experience if you make this a family project, and they’ll want to make it a yearly tradition.  However, if you aren’t quite ready for that undertaking, Nancy will be happy to make Pumpkin Pie for you.  If you mention that you read this email, we’ll even take $2 off the large pies and $1 off the baby pies!


One of the ingredients for Pumpkin Pie is eggs, and we have the freshest (store-bought) eggs in town!  Oodles of them, the chickens are particularly content right now.  Scramble some with those Chanterelle mushrooms, add a bit of smoked salmon, and you will amaze yourself.  Pretty soon you’ll start collecting cookbooks.  You’ll forget about eating at restaurants.  You’ll save bunches of money.  Your family will be asking when they need to be home for dinner.  They will discuss the day in a civilized manner.  One of them will wash the dishes.  All because you, wise one, picked up those marvelous ingredients at the Farmers Market.  It all started with an egg.


We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Hoquiam Farmers Market!


Barbara Bennett Parsons    538-9747 yup, we’ll take your deli order or put a pie aside for you, or suggest something delicious for dinner.  


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