DOC to Pay Nearly $3.3 Million to Slain Officer’s Family

“Deputy Cox was a courageous and beloved officer who protected his community and we all are diminished by his loss,” said DOC Secretary Eldon Vail. “We sympathize with the loss of love, compassion, nurturing and other immeasurable qualities Steve Cox brought to his family. The Department of Corrections is deeply saddened and heartsick over the death of Deputy Cox. We hope the Cox family can begin to put part of this tragedy in the past and begin healing.”

DOC also implemented a number of measures designed to improve supervision of offenders in the community at the direction of Gov. Chris Gregoire following this and two other cases involving deaths of law enforcement officers.

Those measures included a new range of sanctions, including jail time, intended to respond to the severity of offenders’ violations of community supervision conditions. The measures also included increased use of chemical dependency treatment and other programs that have proven to be effective in helping offenders.

As part of the settlement, Cox’s wife and child have released their claims against the Department and its employees.