Trip Tips for Washington Camping Season’s Last Hurrah

Freimark says wilderness areas on the docket are also ripe for weekend explorers, such as the proposed 22,000-acre expansion of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area in the Cascades. It’s home to hundreds of clear lakes and streams and lush low-elevation forests.

"The Alpine Lakes is just a wonderful place to recreate. Citizens in the past recognized it as a spectacular area and protected much of it. There’s still some more to protect."

Other areas in Washington preserved under the Act over the years include Mt. Rainier, Wild Sky, and the Olympic Wilderness Areas. Conservation groups consider the Wilderness Act, signed into law September 3, 1964 by President Lyndon Johnson, a groundbreaking piece of legislation that is still utilized today with several proposals for new wilderness on the table for Oregon. Nationwide, more than 100 million acres are preserved under the Act.