Mason County Sheriff’s Dept. Seeks to Create K9 Unit

This team will be used as a locating tool to find suspects of serious crimes and aid in their capture. The K9 team will also be instrumental in the safe, thorough search of buildings and other hazardous areas and provide an added layer of protection for the law enforcement officers during these dangerous operations. In light of recent budget and staff reductions, the need for a Patrol K-9 is even more pressing.

The Sheriff’s Office needs your support to make this effort a reality. The projected cost to start this program is $25,000.00. Donations are being accepted from businesses, community organizations, and individuals to purchase the dog, and provide the necessary training and equipment to outfit the team. Donations of necessary equipment and supplies are welcome as well. Donations to this program will go directly to this effort and are tax deductible.

Sheriff Salisbury noted  “Criminals fleeing from police apprehension present one of the greatest dangers to the public.  A patrol tracking K-9 program is just what is needed to reduce the number of people who run from our deputies and capture the ones who do.”

To obtain further information regarding this program or to donate to our effort contact:

Sgt. Trevor Severance
K-9 Unit Supervisor
PO Box 1037
419 N 4th St, Shelton, Washington 98584
360.427.9670 x611
[email protected]