Hoquiam Farmers Market News

On Saturday Aug. 29th we hope to have an even larger selection of local produce for you to choose from!  We have invited anyone who has extra produce from their own gardens to set up on a table or tailgate and sell their produce without any charge from the Farmers Market.  I’m hoping that we’ll be seeing boxes of local apples & plums, and armloads of fresh flowers in addition to the food items.  Come over and join us for the day if your garden has been more bountiful than you are able to keep up with!  And always remember, the local Food Banks would be so grateful for any fresh veggies and fruit that you are able to share.  If you are unable to deliver it to the Food Bank yourself, just drop things off at The Market, and I’ll be happy to make the delivery for you.
Remember those fabulous lush Peonies that we offered earlier this year?  Well, now you have the opportunity to purchase the roots and grow them in your own garden!  Frank is bringing in many varieties each week, and you are also invited to visit his farm in Elma to make selections.  I recommend visiting his website to study the multitude of types that are available- you may find yourself digging up a lot more flower garden space in order to plant Peonies, because they give more bang for the buck of just about any other flower.  http://www.peoniesplus.com/  
I have beans to pick in my own garden right now- being away for a few days in the middle of harvest time may have been a mistake.
For the very healthiest and best local veggies, fruit, bread, sausage, pies, honey, jam, and plants, stop by the Hoquiam Farmers Market.  We’re waiting to put fine food on your dinner plate!
Barbara Bennett Parsons    538-9747
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