Hoquiam Police Recover Stolen Vehicle

HOQUIAM, Wash. – On Sunday 8/23/09 at 10:20 am Hoquiam police responded to the report of a vehicle parked in the garage of a vacant home in the 2700 block of Queets Avenue.

The complaint told officers that he and his sister had inherited the home when his mother passed away several years ago and that he stops by the vacant house to check on it regularly. When he stopped by the house on Saturday morning 8/22/09 he saw a 2008 Honda Civic parked in the garage. The vehicle did not have license plates on it. The complainant waited until Sunday to call the police.
A records check of the Vehicle Identification Number returned showing that the Honda was stolen from a Bremerton Washington dealership on June 14, 2009. The vehicle was towed from the home to the Hoquiam police department where it will be searched and processed for latent fingerprints.
During the preliminary investigation officers developed a possible suspect who is a relative of one of the current home owners. Hoquiam detectives will be conducting the follow-up investigation.