Aberdeen City Council Reaches Agreement on Cobain Expletive

ABERDEEN, Wash. – The Aberdeen City Council voted this week to approve the changes made to the unofficial Cobain Plaque, blanking out three of the four letters in the expletive featured on the monument.
But not before some debate and questioning by the council members, Ward 5 Councilman Peter Schave said  "this has all been interesting, but I still don’t understand why we have to approve anything"

City Attorney Erik Nelson pointed out that an ordinance adopted by the city a while ago changes the cities permissive use process "when I say permissive use, it means the private use, of public property" the unoffical park – slash – right of way sits on city property, Nelson told the council "my understanding is that the city owns this paticular right of way in fee, it’s not just an easement we are granted, it falls under the portion of the city code that says the city council must approve the private use of this thing"

The final approval grants permission of the private monuments usage in the unofficial park maintaned by a private party.