Spike in Traffic Fatalities Concerns WSP

The six collisions occurred in all parts of the state; three in Yakima County, one in Thurston County, Lincoln County, and Snohomish County. Three of the collisions were one vehicle collisions, one involved 4 vehicles, and two involved 2 vehicles.

The weather was not a factor as the roadways were bare and dry.  Two of the collisions occurred at night the rest were between 12 noon and 8:30 pm.

The weather forecast for this weekend is for mild temperatures with a possibility of rain.  Because we have had no rain recently, when it does come some roadways may be slick.  Watch your speed and following distances. Give yourself enough room to maneuver if an emergency arises.

When you get behind the wheel or grab onto the handlebars of your motorcycle you are the one making the decisions. The WSP is asking you to make wise choices because wrong decisions could result in collisions which could cost your life or the life of an innocent party.

Please drive safely.