Barbara Bennett Parsons With the Hoquiam Farmers Market News

One of the joys in being a part of the Farmers Market is that blue ribbon winning products are around every single day!  From the jars of pure golden honey to the gleaming shelves laden with jam, the Grays Harbor Public Market is a step back into your grandmothers pantry.  My grandmother worked so hard all summer long-tending her vegetable garden, picking berries, gathering eggs, spending her precious summer days canning beans, carrots, applesauce, jam.  Crocks of sauerkraut sat in the basement, and it was a race against time to make sure that all of the bounty of the garden was preserved before it went past its’ prime.
Makes you tired just thinking about it, doesn’t it?
Come on over to The Market and buy some of Judy’s tender young green beans, a head of fresh lettuce, a cucumber just snipped from the vine, a berry pie still warm from the oven, and eggs from chickens living just down the road a ways.  You don’t have to take up Grandmas’ grueling schedule in order to enjoy the best, healthiest, and freshest bounty that this good earth has to share with us.  Spooner Farms raspberries & marionberries are recovering from last weeks searing heat, and our outside tables will once again be laden with their plump goodness.  Blueberries are in season, and it may be a very short one this year, so stock up and put some in your freezer for winter nibbling.  Grandma didn’t have a freezer.  Or a dishwasher.  Don’t know how the dear lady survived. 
Juel’s Nursery has brought a truckload of new plants in this morning!  Julie thinks that your garden could use some fresh flowers that are particularly delectable and attractive to Hummingbirds and Butterflies.  It is such a joy to watch them flit from flower to flower as they gather nectar.  I do not have the same feelings when watching the deer go from flower to flower.  They decimated my gladiolas yesterday.  Julie has deer resistant plants which I intend to buy in bulk.  
There are plants specially chosen for putting together your late summer and early fall hanging baskets, flats of sedums, and blueberry plants.   
When you’ve finished your planting, treat yourself to a piece of Nancy’s Little Wild Blackberry pie.  You know, those small pies are the world’s most perfect picnic dessert, if you’re in the mood to share.  Because Nancy’s freezer is stuffed with LWB’s, she is offering $1.00 off those cute little pies and $2.00 off the large pies.  
We’d love to be at the top of your shopping list and promise that hometown goodness doesn’t get any better than what you’ll find at the Hoquiam Farmers Market!
Barbara Bennett Parsons   538-9747  for goodness sakes call us if you want to put a hold on a flat of berries or a pie!
We’re open from 9-5 on Wed. & Thur.; 9-6 on Fri. & Sat.; 10-4 on Sun.
Located at the bend of the river in Hoquiam, just before the bridge
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