Narcotics Arrest in Pacific County Pays Off for PACNET

Deputies continued to investigate and follow leads to Milhiser's accomplices and supplier. Information developed led the investigators to the residence of Ryan Whitten in Rainier, Oregon. On the evening of 7-1¬7-08, deputies drove to St. Helens Oregon and contacted officers assigned to CENT. PACNET deputies provided them with information and evidence regarding Milhiser's supplier. With the information provided, deputies obtained a search warrant for the residence of Ryan Whitten.

PACNET deputies worked in to the early morning hours the following day assisting CENT with the service of the search warrant. During a search of Whitten's residence officers located a substantial amount of marijuana and nearly $40,000.00 cash. CENT seized the cash and several other items believed to be proceeds or used to facilitate marijuana sales.

After a lengthy civil forfeiture process, the cash was forfeited to Oregon authorities. St. Helens police Chief, Steven Salle' made the decision to share the proceeds with PACNET. The $12,386.80 is fifty percent of the forfeited cash after expenses and disbursements to other areas such as drug court and a drug cleanup fund.

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On 9-26-08, Jentry Milhiser pled guilty in Pacific County Superior Court to 3 counts of delivery of marijuana and 1 count of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. He was sentenced to 90 days with 30 converted to 240 hours of community service. He may get credit for any in-patient treatment. He was fined $1,000.00 and has to serve 24 months community custody.

On 12-01-08, Ryan Whitten pled guilty in Columbia County Circuit Court to Delivery marijuana consideration and was sentenced to 30 days of home electronic monitoring. He received a fine of $107 and was ordered to have no contact with Jentry Milhiser or known substance abusers.

This is a great example of how PACNET is able to network with agencies throughout the State of Washington and neighboring states, to help keep our communities safe. PACNET has working relationships with numerous drug task forces throughout the northwest and uses all resources necessary to investigate and arrest suspected users and dealers of narcotics. This cooperation allows PACNET to follow leads up the chain of dealers towards the top and helps curb the flow of narcotics in to Pacific County.

The civil forfeiture process is another alternative for PACNET to impact the use and sales of narcotics in Pacific County. PACNET actively pursues for seizure, as allowed by law, any and all proceeds of, or items used to facilitate the manufacturing and sales of narcotics. The community should be aware that PACNET uses both criminal action and the seizure of any assets to combat drug problems in Pacific County.

Citizens with information about narcotic related activity are encouraged to contact Deputy Mike Ray at (360) 642-9459 or Deputies Pat Matlock and Deputy Ryan Pearson at (360) 875-9440.