WSDOT Stimulus News of the Week

Tri-State's bid amount of $31,095,383 is about 25 percent below estimated cost, continuing a trend directly linked to tough economic times. While the low bids allow Washington state to deliver more highway projects with federal stimulus dollars, they also reinforce how important these projects are for getting people back to work.

An estimated 130 jobs are supported by the I-5 Port of Tacoma Road Interchange to King County Line HOV project. Tri-State has committed to hiring two Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) firms and the contractor intends to reach 8.1 percent DBE participation on the project. The purpose of the DBE program is to ensure a level playing field for firms owned and operated by disadvantaged individuals on USDOT-assisted contracts and procurements.

WSDOT and the Tacoma/Pierce County HOV Program continue to piece together a series of improvement projects that include the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge, the widening and HOV lanes on State Route 16, the new northbound I-5 collector-distributor lanes between the Tacoma Mall and Tacoma Dome, and the ongoing work to replace the Nalley Valley Viaduct. The full congestion-relief and safety benefits of these projects will not be fully realized until all the connecting projects are complete.

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The stimulus story this week

Over 100 state and local stimulus highway American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects have now been awarded to contractors as more projects continue to advance to construction. Crews finished painting the Evergreen State ferry, concluding a preservation project designed to prevent corrosion on the 87-vehicle vessel. Local governments continue to advance projects for construction with 17 new projects awarded this past week, and six more projects advertised.

This week by the numbers – as of July 21

Status of 36 state and 147 local ARRA highway projects

  • 3 projects are substantially complete
    • 1 state: I-90/Yakima River to W Ellensburg
    • 2 local: City of Conconully and Garfield County
  • 106 projects have been awarded to contractors or are under construction (25 state, 81 local)
  • 159 projects have been advertised to date (29 state, 130 local)
  • 24 projects are certified, but not yet advertised
  • 183 individual projects (36 state, 147 local) have been certified by the Governor 
    • 4 of the state projects received surplus Recovery Act funding
  • 2 project funding buckets address priority safety needs statewide. From those funds, 27 projects to install rumble strips and 6 cable median barrier projects have been advertised. 17 rumble strip projects and 6 cable median barrier projects have been awarded.
  • Employment: WSDOT and local governments reported nearly $2.2 million in payroll over 57,698 hours in June as construction work increased.
  • Approximately 334 full time equivalents were employed by the Recovery Act projects, at an average salary of $38 per hour.

Highway funds authorized:

  • WSDOT has obligated $244.5 million (71%) of $344.6 million, and has until March 1, 2010 to obligate the rest. Funds are now obligated to 33 of 36 individual state projects. (The 2009 Supplemental transportation budget provided WSDOT with $340M in stimulus funding and provided $4M of state enhancements to local governments. For reporting purposes, WSDOT will be measured against obligating $344.6M; however, only $340M is available for state ARRA-funded projects.)
  • Local governments have obligated 82% of local funds, $128.4 million of $152.1 million, and have until March 1, 2010 to obligate the rest. Funds are now obligated for 133 of 147 local projects.

Transit projects awarded:

  • Statewide: Washington transit agencies have received awards for 95% of the $179 million designated for transit projects.
  • Nonurban rural: WSDOT and 10 transit agencies have received awards for 100% of the nearly $12.3 million designated for nonurban and rural transit projects.
  • Small urban: Eight transit agencies have received awards for 93% of the $12.1 million designated for small urban transit projects.
  • Large urban: Nine transit agencies and Washington State Ferries have received awards for 95% of the $154.1 million designated for large urban transit projects.

Key issues: State

Most highway projects now awarded or under construction – With 17 more local projects awarded, 106 state and local projects are now awarded or under construction.

WSDOT ferry project completed – WSDOT Ferries Division used $914,000 in Recovery Act funds to complete a topside paint job on the 87-auto ferry Evergreen State. The vessel was delivered to Fairhaven Shipyard in Bellingham on April 27 and left the shipyard with is new paint job on July 25.

  • The project was funded with part of the $4.25 million in stimulus funds the Puget Sound Regional Council voted on March 12 to use for ferry vessel preservation.

Second local highway project completed – Garfield County completed construction on its $231,000 County Wide Pavement Preservation project earlier this month.

Seven more highway projects awarded
Local projects

  • Sumas – Bob Mitchell Avenue 
  • La Conner – Maple Street Overlay and Sidewalks 
  • Mount Vernon – Laventure/Anderson Extension (Phase 1)
  • Skamania County – Cascade Drive Pedestrian Walkway 
  • Skamania County – Wind River Road 
  • Whatcom County – Scott Ditch Bridge
  • Stanwood – 68th Road Realignment and School Safety Improvement 
  • Island County – Roadway Preservation
  • Cowlitz County – Coal Creek Road Reconstruction
  • Yakima – Nob Hill Blvd Improvements
  • Omak – Okoma Drive/SR 215 Sidewalk Project
  • Forks – Bogachiel Way
  • Mason County – Countywide Paver 
  • Tulalip Tribes – 116th/34th Ave Fish Passage Culvert 
  • Rainier – 507 Overlay & Enhancements
  • Marysville – Street Overlay Project
  • Pend Oreille County – Deer Valley Road 

Key issues: National

ARRA highway projects under construction nationwide – 2,406 projects costing almost $7.5 billion are under construction in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and on federal lands, the FHWA reported on its website. The FHWA has obligated $17.1 billion of $26.8 billion to 5,949 projects in all 50 states.

Congressional committee releases new report – Chairman James Oberstar and the U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure published the latest report on state transportation data on July 27.

  • The committee will hold its next oversight hearing at 7 a.m. on July 31.
  • Governor Gregoire submitted Washington’s fourth status report to the committee on July 20. There will be no report in August. The next report will be submitted on September 20.


Important dates
July 31:
House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee hearing
August 10: Next federal project status report due
August 20: Next federal employment report (1587) due
August 24: First deadline for High-Speed Passenger Rail grant applications
August 31: Next status report to the Legislature is due
September 15: Deadline for $1.5 billion TIGER discretionary grant applications
September 20: Next congressional report is due
October 10: WSDOT submits first new federal OMB quarterly performance report

Websites of interest
WSDOT ARRA website:
Washington recovery website:
Federal recovery website:
FHWA recovery website:
Federal Transit Administration recovery website:
Federal Rail Administration recovery website:
Federal Aviation Administration recovery website:
OMB recovery website:







Highway projects advertised or planned for advertisement soon

Lead agency


OFM jobs estimate 1

Funding – stimulus dollars


Advertisement date

College Place*

Whitman Drive Multi Use Path




Advertised on
July 26

Walla Walla*

13th Avenue Improvements Rose to Rees




Advertised on
July 24


Court Street Bridge Replacement




Advertised on
July 23


Yakima Valley Highway at Lincoln Ave Intersection




Advertised on
July 23


Fairview Street Overlay




Advertised on
July 14


Bogachiel Way




Advertised on
June 26

For the Coming Week







1 The OFM job estimate is calculated using the Office of Financial Management’s multiplier, which includes direct, indirect, and induced jobs.

2 The advertisement date for these projects was delayed. The projects were previously listed as advertised on June 30 (Sunnyside) and July 14 (College Place).

*The original advertisement date for this project has changed.

Data Source: WSDOT Project Control and Reporting and WSDOT Highways and Local Programs.


See full project list at –