Mason County Sheriff’s Office Warns of Crimes of Opportunity Due to Warm Weather

Sheriff's Office personnel would like to remind residents about some helpful crime prevention tips regarding home security:

Ø      Be sure to secure your home by keeping doors and windows locked unless you are at home and awake.  Windows can be partly open to allow air flow, but make the opening small enough so intruders cannot climb in

Ø      Exterior Doors should be metal or solid core

Ø      Quality, heavy duty dead bolt locks, knob in lock sets, strike plates, and wide angle peep holes should be utilized on exterior doors

Ø      Secondary blocking devices should be used on sliding glass doors and sliding windows

Ø      Keep the outside of your home well lit and use motion detecting lights

Ø      Use interior timers to activate lights and radios to give the perceptions of occupancy

Ø      Know your neighbors so you can distinguish suspicious activity in your neighborhood

Ø      Install an alarm system