Barbara Bennett Parsons Checks in With the Hoquiam Farmers Market News

Deidra has cooling salads available for you 6 days a week!!  You can stop for lunch or you can give her a call (538-9747), pick up your favorite, and whisk it home for lunch or dinner.  Her serving sizes are hearty, so you won’t break the bank by ordering a nutritious family meal which is guaranteed to satisfy even the growing teenager in your family.
Dessert is so simple!  We have raspberries and marionberries, and beginning on Thursday, the blueberries will arrive!  Make yourself a medley of these, perhaps sitting atop a scoop of ice cream, and you won’t remember that we had a heat wave.  
All of the lovely pesticide free berries at The Market are priced at $2.25 per box, $11.00 per half flat, and $19.00 per flat.  You can mix & match varieties, and don’t forget to buy extra to put in your freezer.  
Nancy beat the heat by making big batches of jam last week; little wild blackberry, marionberry, raspberry, and mixed varieties of marionberry & other fruits.  A heaping spoonful of her jam stirred into a tall glass of milk is my favorite afternoon refresher!  If you say to the cashier ‘ I read in the email that I get 50 cents off per jar’, said cashier will happily give you the discount!
Looking for a worthwhile and satisfying way to spend this Saturday?   Come on over to the Elton Bennett Nature Park in Hoquiam and join the fun as volunteers begin the work of clearing storm debris and massive damage from this jewel in Hoquiam’s crown.  Dick Brower is leading the effort and would love to have you call him at 532-7100 to volunteer.
Even if you can’t pound a nail or haul lumber, helpers are needed for everything, including getting refreshments to the folks doing the heavy work.  So many people have never explored the park- it has several miles of trails which meander thru a lush forest.  Birds, deer, and wildlife abound.  A cooling stream flows thru a gully, and the native skunk cabbage and trillium thrive in the serenity of untouched beauty.  From the first Johny-Jump-ups of spring to the glistening sword ferns of mid-winter, we have a microcosm of the entire Pacific Northwest available within minutes of any home in Hoquiam.  
Okay, I think that maybe I can venture outside now- perhaps to the hammock?  Make sure to enjoy these blessed summer days- they will vanish all too soon.   Come winter we’ll need the memories of carefree days when we had to stand in the sprinkler to get refreshment from the heat.  Put your list of ‘must-do’s’ aside for now.  They’ll wait.  Nothing is more important than cherishing today, and if you have a child around to help you remember how to play, count yourself doubly blessed!
Barbara Bennett Parsons at the Grays Harbor Farmers Market
                      1958 Riverside in Hoquiam
Open Wed. & Thur. 9 until 5, Fri. & Sat. 9 until 6. Sun from 10 until 4
Deidra’s Deli is open Monday thru Saturday from 10 until 3.  Sometimes she stays open until 4!  You can always call in a salad order for dinner and still pick it up when the market is open.  We’ll keep it in the cooler for you.