Barbara Bennett Parsons brings us the Hoquiam Farmers Market News

Come on over, we'll get you matched with just the right new family member.  We have a t-shirt guy who can take a photo of you and your dog and put it on a custom t-shirt!   Or, bring in your favorite photo, he'll use that one! Yes, the Farmers Market is ‘going to the dogs'!!!!

For further information, please contact Barbara Bennett Parsons, market manager.  Home # 532-3235, Market # 538-9747 The Market is open Wed. thru Sun. Specializing in fine bakery items (Nancy's Bakery), great lunches (Deidra's Deli), Anthony's hand-crafted sausages, Honey, Jewelry, Candles, Salsa, knitted baby Snuggies, Fine Art, Woodcarving, Quilts, Tie-Die Garments, exquisite Wood  boxes, Pacific N.W. Books, Smoked Salmon, Fresh Eggs, Flowers, Plants, Local Produce, Cedar Adirondack Furniture- and more!