ID thieves tracked to Ocosta home after alert resident follows mail-littering car

 The citizen was observant enough to get a good description of the male and two female occupants of the vehicle and also followed the vehicle, giving law enforcement updates as to its direction of travel.  The citizen then last reported the vehicle turning onto Euclid Avenue in Ocosta. 


Deputies located the vehicle abandoned up a dirt road off of Euclid Avenue.  With the assistance of Westport PD, deputies followed tracts to a nearby residence off of Ocosta 3rd Street and eventually located a male and two females inside that residence.  The three subjects were hiding inside one of the rooms.  The three subjects matched the description given by the concerned citizen and were found next to numerous items that deputies believed to be stolen.  Deputies also found more mail from other addresses.  The three subjects were subsequently arrested.  The male was a 32 year old from Seattle that had ties to the Harbor.  His mother was the resident at this location.  The two females were associates of the male, and were 25 and 27 years of age, both from Enumclaw.  Neither appeared to have any ties to the Harbor.  The male subject refused to cooperate with investigators however the two females have been. 


This morning, investigators are continuing to determine where these three individuals have been and what crimes they have been committing.  Investigators are also looking through all the mail and working on contacting the addresses where the thefts have occurred.  It is believed the male subject was responsible for the attempted burglary to the residence on Carney Drive of Aberdeen, and at least one other burglary on South Arbor Road.  Investigators are also looking into a possible link to mail thefts that occurred earlier in the week off of Ocean Beach Road.  The investigation is ongoing.