Bike-ninjas and crosswalks top concerns at second Aberdeen ward meeting

City council candidate Michelle Barclay said she worries about the kids in front of the school “Because you’ll have four or five, ten kids crossing the crosswalk at any one time, right in front of the school. And when we’re all parked out there like the cars are now, you can’t see who’s in front of that minivan.” she asked if they wrote down license plates, would the city mail out gentle reminders rather than citations.
Police Chief Bob Torgerson replied “I like the idea of the letter. Part of the problem is that a police officer has to witness this occur, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t send out the gentle reminder that ‘you’re running a stop sign’.”
About 40 residents and city staff attended the second of four meetings to discuss issues in the city. 
The next meeting starts at 6:30 on November 4th at Robert Gray, then the final meeting will be held at McDermoth on the 8th. A town hall meeting will be held early next year to address concerns raised at these meetings.