Grays Harbor County to start taxing pre-paid wireless

MONTESANO, Wash. – Grays Harbor County will soon be taxing pre-paid wireless phones and minutes. The commissioners yesterday adopted the ordinance, Director of the Grays Harbor E-911 center Peggy Fouts thanked the commissioners, and explained “It adds the additional tax for support of 911 services. So people that have a VOIP phone, or wired phone, or a wireless cellular phone are currently all paying these taxes, and just the people that buy prepaid phones are not paying them.” Fouts said since the phones went uncounted in the past, she was not sure how much funding she expected to see from the new tax.
Statewide the Office of Financial Management estimates HB 1971 will generate $396,893,000 over ten years. HB 1971 is also Advisory Vote #6 on your November General Election ballot since it increases taxes.