Concrete trucks pouring into Grays Harbor College campus

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Demolition of the 400 building is complete, and construction officially begins today on the Gene Schermer Instructional Building at the Aberdeen campus of Grays Harbor College.
President Ed Brewster tells us “they’re going to start doing major concrete pours. We’re going to have concrete trucks [moving] on and off campus all day long, they’ll be lined up, and we don’t want those to interfere with our student traffic.
Brewster said  students are being encouraged to park in the lower lot and take cardiac lane, or a Grays Harbor Transit bus to help with the added traffic. 
Once complete, The $41.5-million Gene Schermer Instructional Building will be visible from the highway, it should be open for class by September of 2015. 

Brewster said it was kismet that they were able to get construction funded by state legislature this year, after they cut 11% of the building’s funding, the engineers came back with an estimate that was 11% less than the 44-million expected.

GH College New Building

New Campus(*NOTE: the Cost value has changed since these images were created by the contractor, and is reflected accurately in our story.)

The 70-thousand square foot building will cost around $41.5-million, and should be open by September of 2015.