Crews rennovate Aberdeen Denny’s, plan to open in 6 months

ABERDEEN, Wash – The Aberdeen Denny’s will open in about 6 months, we caught the store’s District Manager Wink Kruger surveying the building last week. “We’re kind of checking it out today, seeing how big the project is and what we need to do, and it’ll be back as a Denny’s”
Ceiling tiles were falling from the center of the dining area as we toured the familiar restaurant last Monday. Kruger said they had a leaky roof, and some water damage to repair before I could get my coffee, “and we look forward to opening here and having all of you come in for our celebration because it will be well worth it.”
The Aberdeen Denny’s was converted to an America’s Diner by the previous owner, who later declared bankruptcy and closed the diner in December of 2011.