Mason County Commissioner Terri Jeffreys Speaks at Sheriff’s Breakfast

Commissioner Jeffreys also stated that she would like to examine the possibility of a public safety tax, that would be citizen driven, using the positive examples of Kittitas and Yakima Counties.

She believes that this tax could possibly be a revenue sharing idea so as to not cost the city of Shelton any funding, yet provide needed funding for county public safety in order to “stop the bleeding”.

Commissioner Jeffreys final thought was that in researching many counties within the state, she found one county that conducted a public safety tax which yielded positive returns, and found one county that did not participate in a public safety tax where now both citizens and politicians are wishing that they had.

Commissioner Jeffreys thanked the work that Sheriff Casey Salisbury and Undersheriff Jim Barrett have been doing on behalf of public safety.

Sheriff Salisbury continues to build strong community partnerships in order to offer the best public safety service possible.