Rep. Derek Kilmer to give up pay if government shuts down

WASHINGTON D.C. – In the event that the House and Senate don’t reach a compromise by October 1st on legislation to keep federal agencies funded, Representative Derek Kilmer announced today that he will give up his pay for the duration of a government shutdown.


“I am dead set against a government shutdown because it will have serious effects on our economy and because many people rely on services provided by federal agencies,” said Representative Derek Kilmer. “I believe in leading by example – if Congress can’t get its act together to stop a government shutdown, then I don’t believe Members of Congress should be paid.  That’s why today I’m announcing I will give up my pay for the duration of a government shutdown. 


“The fact that some in Congress would risk a shutdown in order to score political points demonstrates why Congress is currently held in lower regard than head lice.  Should the government shut down, I will give up my pay to lead by example in the hopes that Congress will stop the dysfunction, stop the self-imposed crises, and start working on a balanced, bipartisan, long-term budget.”


One of Representative Kilmer’s first actions in Congress was to break with members of his party to vote for a plan called No Budget, No Pay – a plan that would withhold pay from Members of Congress if Congress doesn’t pass a budget.