Silver Star Recipient US Air Force Fighter Pilot Speaks at Sheriff’s Breakfast

SHELTON, Wash. – Lt Col Dean Hunter, USAF Retired, PhD, was the guest speaker at the monthly Sheriff’s Breakfast held at the Little Creek Casino, Friday, August 30, 2013.

Lt Col Hunter, author of “For Love of Life and Country”, provided the public safety audience thrilling stories of being a US Marine combat rifleman during the Korean War, a US Air Force B-47 bomber pilot during the Cold War, and a US Air Force fighter pilot during the Vietnam War. All of the stories left the audience sitting on the edge of their seats as he recounted combat missions where he was actually listed as Killed-In-Action, not one, but two different times.

Lt Col Hunter referred to the public safety audience as the “real heroes”, but Sheriff Casey Salisbury informed the room that Lt Col Hunter is now being considered to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor for heroic actions during a specific battle. The Congressional Medal of Honor is the highest award US military personnel can receive. Lt Col Hunter is already the recipient of the Silver Star Medal, which is the third highest military decoration for valor.