Hoquiam water rates on the rise, increases take effect in October

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Water Rates are on the rise in Hoquiam, and as City Administrator Brian Shay said last night “they’re definitely, fairly substantial” Shay said on average rates are increasing by $20 per month beginning October first. 
The new rates put the city more inline with what the feds want to see on grant applications. “It also takes us out of deficit spending, and allows us to make the big Public Works trust fund loan payment, which just that alone required us to make a $13.00 per month increase.”
Shay said that ‘bad math’ put the city off course a few years back. “Seven years ago the city actually lowered the water rate, but it was a big mistake. We had a study done that showed that the rates were too high based upon revenues and expenses – that was not acurate, so we should never had lowered the rates.”