Local author to attend Hoquiam Loggers’ Playday parade


Pat Gibbons, a Hoquiam Alumni, stated, “If you grew up in Gray’s Harbor, this book is a must-read, it’s an extremely fun ride on multiple levels. It has a lot of heart and you can feel the author’s emotional investment in this deeply personal tribute to home and family. The story is well-crafted and complex and the illustrations (by the author) are beautiful compliments to the story. If you did happen to grow up in this part of the world as I did, it is also a very special and nostalgic visit home. The book is filled with meaningful references, geographical accuracy and a true sense of familiarity. It’s a special treat, as people nearBangor,Mainemust feel about Stephen King.”
Karen Hart, author of “Hologram” said, “Simpson’s vivid art and intricate storytelling may leave you with a frightening new answer as to why the good die young — or to getting rid of that board game, the one your grandmother warned you about.”
The novel is based on true events and set in the late 1970s inAberdeen,Washington, “The Brotherhood of Olympus and the Deadliest Game” tells the story of Drake Frasier, a painfully shy, intellectually gifted thirteen year old boy growing up with his four brothers.  On a cold, gray Friday the thirteenth, his favorite uncle is killed in a horrible car crash involving a logging truck.  Drake and his brother’s lives take a sudden twist after the accident when they begin to encounter haunting spirits that bring terror and doom upon them.  He soon finds that he has unique gifts and abilities that allow him to fight the apparitions, and that there may be a greater sinister plot afoot.  But as Drake develops his skills to combat the ghastly specters, his oldest brother continues to use a Spirit board game that invites the evil into their lives.  Drake must bring his brothers back together to fight the nefarious forces to save his family, and quite possibly the world.