Grays Harbor Transit to keep bus pass program for GHC students

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Grays Harbor Transit will keep the student bus pass program for college students. Grays Harbor College President Ed Brewster pled with the transit authority last night, “We can do some more…” He said the college provides the passes to about 500 students per quarter, saving them on monthly passes. “If you make the change to cancel those all together, where students have to get a monthly pass, that could be as much as $80 per quarter.”
After board president Jack Durney broke the tie, the transit authority adopted a motion to increase the fee from 30 to $45 per quarter, per student, and to keep the bus pass program. Board members Frank Gordon and Wes Cormier both agreed that sanctions to one entity could encourage more to ask for special treatment.
The first day of class at the college is September 23rd, the program was set to expire when reductions in service take effect on September 1st.