Record breaking attendance at the Grays Harbor County Fair for second year in a row

ELMA, Wash. – Record breaking attendance at the Grays Harbor County Fair this year, Director Mike Bruner tells us a strong weekend crowd brought the total 2013 attendance to 65,641 through the turnstiles, shattering last year’s record attendance of 63,106 by 2,535. “Which was a shock, you know we figured if we got anywhere close to it we were going to be happy.” Bruner said he hoped you walk the whole fair this year “There is a lot of kid who put a lot of work into the 4-H equestrian program, and they’re kind of in the back 40. We try to link things together to kind of coax people out there.”
The stages were buzzing with more than just bees from the shaved ice vendor, Events Supervisor Rod Easton said on Sunday the acts did great “They came out in droves. and we’re happy to see that. Humptulips packed ’em in, and it was a great show last night, and of course Clay Walker did great.”
Grace Succo with Predators of the Heart said “We had a great time at the fair, we did three shows a day and it was great to have it on the main stage. We got more people and the bigger crowds, that was good.” The animals were moved to the Little Creek Casino Stage this year, after packing the barn in the past.
You might have seen some changes this year, Bruner said you might see more next year “You know we like to try to change little things on a yearly basis, some work and some don’t work, but that’s where you live and learn and you make adjustments.” Bruner said Several food vendors that have been attending the Fair for many years reported record sales, as did the Davis Carnival, which operate the amusement rides and games.