Grays Harbor Community Foundation announces Nonprofit Plan Builders Program

Developed by Washington Nonprofits and supported by Grays Harbor Community Foundation, Plan Builders addresses the need for small nonprofit organizations to develop plans that guide their work. In the 2012-2013 nonprofit survey administered by Washington Nonprofits, only 24-percent of organizations taking the survey statewide stated that they have a strategic plan, and 51% said that they have a budget. Grays Harbor most likely reflects the statewide reality that most nonprofits are small and stand to benefit from a focus on plan building for long-term impact. “This program is so timely because it is in perfect alignment to the needs we hear our local nonprofits sharing with us. Plan Builders is a way to efficiently bring resources to our community so that they can continue to grow and do the wonderful work they do every day,” said GHCF Program Officer Cassie Lentz.

Plan Builders is accepting applications between now and September 3, 2013. The program begins in late September and runs through January 2014. Applications are available through the Foundation.

About Grays Harbor Community Foundation
Since 1994, Grays Harbor Community Foundation has worked to improve the quality of life in all communities throughout Grays Harbor County. It works to build the capacity of local nonprofit organizations through its nonprofit forum and targeted funding.

About Washington Nonprofits
Washington Nonprofits is Washington’s state association for nonprofits. Its mission is to build a strong, collaborative network of nonprofits serving Washington communities through advocacy, education and capacity building. It implements programs that raise the knowledge, skill, and connections of nonprofits within communities and the sector as a whole.

To learn more about Plan Builders in Grays Harbor, please contact:

Cassie Lentz, Program Officer
705 J Street, Hoquiam WA 98550
Office: (360)532-1600
Fax: (360)532-8111
[email protected]