Dead whale washes ashore near Grayland

GRAYLAND, Wash. – The body of a gray whale washed up on the beach in Grayland on Monday, you can visit it’s 40 foot skeleton at the Westport Aquarium later this summer. Store owner Marc Myrsell tells us they assisted crews from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Cascadia Research Center with the necropsy on Tuesday, and will begin stripping the whale to it’s skeletal frame today. He plans to put the skeleton on display in his aquarium once it’s been prepared.

The dead gray whale washed up Monday on the beach at Grayland, just south of Westport on the Washington coast.

The state Fish and Wildlife Department and Cascadia Research took tissue samples Tuesday to investigate what may have caused the whale to die. A few gray whales wash up on state beaches each year.

Myrsell said NOAA has approved the acquisition, and the Parks department was gracious that they wanted to remove it for them. However the clock is ticking, they have three days to help move the body parts to a piece of nearby property, where it can be prepared. The property is about 1000 feet away and the private landowner is donating the use of it to the Aquarium, pursuant to  preparing the skeleton.
Courtesy Westport AquariumCourtesy Westport Aquarium