VA Mobile Vet Center scheduled to visit Aberdeen

If you find yourself to be easily angered or startled, have lost interest in activities you used to enjoy, find yourself re-experiencing traumatic events, or avoiding things that remind you of those events, having difficulty in concentration or memory, or feel that you are emotionally numb towards others, come and talk to a counselor to determine if you could benefit from counseling. VA benefits and referrals are available to all qualifying veterans regardless of combat service status.
VA has 300 Vet Centers serving communities across the country, offering individual and group counseling for Veterans and their families, family counseling for military related issues, bereavement counseling for families who experience an active duty death, military sexual trauma counseling and referral, outreach and education, VA benefits explanation and referral, and screening and referral for medical issues including traumatic brain injury and depression. For more information on services provided visit 
For more information on this event, please contact Brandon Jones, Jason Scott, or Mark Buckler at (253) 565-7038.