Contact State by Aug. 5 to reserve spot for free pesticide disposal

WSDA staff will be at the Washington State University-sponsored cranberry field day July 26 in Long Beach to discuss the agency’s free, voluntary pesticide-disposal program. In planning for the pesticide collection event:

WSDA staff will provide on-site customer assistance to prepare pesticides for disposal.
Collection dates will be determined after the August customer sign up when the project’s scope is known.
Products accepted for disposal include insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides and most chemicals that kill, repel or prevent unwanted pests.
Before disposal, WSDA takes possession of the chemicals and accepts all further liability.
WSDA regulates the registration and sale of pesticides. The department also enforces state and federal laws to protect people, property and the environment against the improper use or disposal of pesticides. Through its disposal events, WSDA has collected more than 2.7 million pounds of waste pesticides since 1988.

Visit for information about the WSDA Waste Pesticide Program.