Aberdeen mob getting unruly, with their cash

ABERDEEN, Wash. – A group of local-business supporters have been gathering and mobbing Aberdeen businesses, with cash.
The concept of the cash mobs is simple: with $20 in hand, they meet once a month to shop in a locally-owned establishment. Since February, they’ve met at places like the new Wine Sellers, Country Closet, they started in November with  Frames & Things.
Local organizer Jamie Judkins said in May; “Rosevears has been here for a long time, and I can personally say I’ve only been in here a few time – thanks to my daughter, I didn’t realize all the really neat stuff they had in here.” Judkins added “It’s an opportunity to show off our local businesses, and to show our support at the same time.
If you’d like to come along and see what all the mobbing is about, they’re meeting at 11 on the corner of Wishkah and I St. this Saturday morning.
They don’t announce their victims until the day of the event, but you can nominate your favorite local business by finding them on facebook. You can also find them on cashmob.com