Grays Harbor pass named to honor David “Burlap” Rabey

GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY, Wash. – The state has officially named an Olympic National Forest mountain pass in north Grays Harbor County “Burlap Pass” to honor the late David “Burlap” Rabey.
Caleb Maki with the Committee on Geographic Names told the board earlier this month “This is a new name for an un-named pass in Grays Harbor. The name would honor David L. Rabey. He managed a local trucking company, and was involved in an elk hunting camp in the area. We did receive about 38 signatures in support, and the county has no objection and is supportive of this proposal.
Burlap Pass is on a US Forest Service road across a gap at elevation 3,215 feet between the East and West forks of the Humptulips River,  about 5 miles southwest of Discovery Peak. It’s been unofficially known as “Windy Pass.” for years.