Investigator unable to prove allegations made by Montesano employees

The investigator also noted that despite the severity, most were not reported until recently, even though several investigations have taken place in that department over the past year.
The 20 page report filed on July first even details a conversation had about a sexual term that Powell didn’t understand. We won’t use the term here, but it has nothing to do with winter festivities.
Webber said “In summary, I have concluded that Ms. Powell did not engage in sexual harassment, age discrimination or retaliation.” In the wake of several recent investigations, he added that he recognizes “the strong possibility that the present complaints against Ms. Powell are a direct response to the previous controversies, some of which remain under review.” 

Press Release, Grievance Against Kristy Powell

The report, obtained by KBKW, can be seen below Montesano Investigation Report 7-8-13