The Many Ways to Help Out North Beach PAWS

SHARE OUR POSTS: Sharing posts from our Facebook wall to yours will increase the number of people we can reach. You do not have to be interested in volunteering or adopting a pet to help out! This is also very important when we are posting lost and found animals, special needs at the shelter, or events. Encourage your friends to share our posts on their page as well! 
DONATE YOUR CRAFTS: We do several booths each year at different event sponsored by the city and always need hand crafted items to sell. 
MAN A BOOTH AT AN EVENT: We work in partners in a minimum of two hour shifts. It is a blast to attend these events! You get a cozy chair at the booth, free admission to the event, a friend to chat with, and a front row seat to some wonderful community events! You don’t need to know much to man a booth, we have forms and applications to hand out and you just need to know a little about what PAWS does and be willing to put on a big smile!
DONATE SUPPLIES OR NEEDED ITEMS: When you go to buy your pet supplies, consider adding a couple cans of wet dog food to your basket. I you go to a garage sale and see a scratching post or carrier for a reasonable price, consider purchasing it and donating it to PAWS. Find a good deal on laundry detergent or bleach? We always need cleaning supplies, paper towels, doggy shampoo, office supplies…. Leashes are always in short supply! We go through a lot of doggy treats and tennis balls!
DONATE CASH: In conjunction with Ocean Shores Animal Hospital, PAWS provides four free spay and neuter clinics a year to those that would otherwise not be able to afford to have their pets altered and get necessary vaccinations. We also provide vouchers to assist others with the cost of spay and neuter if they cannot afford to pay the full amount. We take in sick and injured animals that need extensive medical care and surgeries and our vet bills are astronomical. Donations can be made directly to the shelter or to Ocean Shores Animal Hospital and applied to our bill. Gas cards and prepaid credit cards, gift certificates etc are always very much appreciated. 
DONATE YOUR TIME: We can always use volunteers to help sort, price and sell items at our garage sale! It is really a fun way to spend a couple hours, sign up for a shift once a week, once a month, all day or two hours, whatever you can spare. We need dog and cat volunteers to spend 1-2 hours once a week for either or morning or evening shift to feed and water the animals, play and snuggle with them, and clean up after them. If you like to garden, consider coming out and weeding our flower beds and improving our grounds. We spend a great deal of time transporting our animals to and from the vet, other clinics, to other shelters etc. We always need people who are willing to help us transport! 
BECOME A FOSTER PARENT: All animals fare better in a loving home than they do in the shelter. We strive to foster as many as possible while they are waiting for their forever home. We do our best to give them a wonderful life at the shelter but it is no match for being in a loving home. We work very closely with our foster homes and make sure we find good matches and will never leave an animal with you that is not working out. While fostering, PAWS is responsible for all vet care, food, and necessities. We request that the dog or cat be at the shelter for adoption days on Saturdays but it is not completely necessary – we also like to be able to call and arrange for mid-week visits. While it is extremely helpful for us if you can bring the animal to the shelter for the adoption days and for meet and greets with potential forever homes, we will do all the transportation if necessary. Your largest commitment is to love and care for the animal and provide PAWS and future families with information about the pet! It is a very wonderful experience to be a foster parent, sometimes it is hard to say goodbye, but the difference you make in the life of that animal is priceless. Foster situations can last as little as a few days or several months. If you need to leave town, the animal can come back to the shelter for that period of time.

There are many other ways to help and volunteer with PAWS. It is a fun and wonderful place to work and we would not be able to function without the dozens of devoted and loving volunteers who give so much. If anything has piqued your interested, please call Molly at 289-0409 to discuss volunteer options and where you might like to help out!