Fire response blocks 101 Friday morning

This fire was handled on a first alarm basis with the positions of Safety Officer and Command performed by the Incident Commander.  The fire was contained mainly  to the exterior wall on the southwest corner of the building with some extension into the roof of the attached shed.  Moderate heat damage occurred to the exterior of the south wall. Most damage occurred from exposing the south wall 2nd story interior framing and cutting the holes in the roof of the attached shed. Estimated damage is $15000.


The building is a two story residential wood frame structure constructed in the early 1900’s. The building is a rental and was occupied at the time of the fire.The area of origin  was determined to be the base of the south exterior wall near an entrance. From there, the fire was able to extend to the inside of the wall and adjacent shed roof. The framing was balloon construction which allowed the fire to begin accessing the upper story. A person driving by noticed flames coming from the south wall and along with a neighbor, notified dispatch and evacuated the structure of the occupants.

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The cause of the fire appears to be discarded cigarette.