Ocean Shores dune fire evacuates 7 North beach homes

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. – Fireworks in the dunes are the likely cause of a fire in Ocean Shores that evacuated 7 homes yesterday afternoon, Cpt. Brian Ritter tells us “sounds like we had subjects lighting fireworks off in the dunes. It started out as a 20 ft wide grass fire, rapidly increased and ended up being about 7 acres with 7 homes threatened.
Stronger winds Thursday were pushing lit matches into a tinderbox on the North beach “Once that wind catches those fireworks it just carries them through the dune grass. That’s extremely dry, and fire travels as fast as the wind blows. So if we’ve got a 25 MPH wind, that’s how fast the flames are headed towards the structures.
Ocean Shores Fireman
Ritter said all fires on the beach should be at least 100 feet from the dune grass, the farther the better. “It’s a really dangerous situation out here, and it’s no different than any other wild land situation where we’re risking life and limb to protect property and sometimes it gets out of control really quick.
Photo credit:  Mark Hopkins Photography (Seattle, WA)