Ambulance service “Trauma-only” to Copalis Crossing, amid funding issues

COPALIS CROSSING, Wash. – If you call for an ambulance in Copalis crossing, you might not be injured enough for a ride into town anymore.
The fire district that covers the area of North Grays Harbor will only be able to call if it’s a trauma-related injury, after receiving a letter from the city of Hoquiam last month stating that if they couldn’t pay off nearly $17-thousand in back debt, service would be cut off July 1.
Ongoing meetings between the two failed to resolve the issue before the cutoff date, the district has called an emergency meeting for 7p.m. Friday evening at the Copalis Crossing Fire Hall to discuss the matter further.

Meanwhile, the state auditor’s office issued a finding against them in April, citing misuse of public funds through nearly $20,000 in credit card purchases.

The volunteer fire hall is funded by their tax base, and has held fundraisers like the Barn Bash in the past to fund everything from safety gear to ambulance services.

Fire District #16 is also looking for volunteers from the North shore, regular meetings are Thursday nights at 7 PM at the Copalis Crossing Fire Hall.