Bomb threat at Mason County Courthouse

SHELTON, Wash. – Late Monday morning, a male called the Mason County switchboard with threats to harm people in the courthouse. County personnel were notified immediately and security steps were heightened. A little after 1:00 pm, the same male called MACECOM (Mason County Emergency Dispatch) and said there would be an explosion at the courthouse.

The courthouse was evacuated and a search was performed by the Shelton Police and Mason County Sheriff’s Office. A second search was conducted by the Washington State Patrol’s bomb squad and a team of K9’s specifically trained to alert on explosives. Neither search turned up anything suspicious. The building was cleared around 4:00 pm.

The investigation into who is responsible for making the calls/threats is ongoing. Anyone with information that might be useful to law enforcement in determining the identity of that person is encouraged to call the Shelton Police Department at 360-426-4441.