Trek Across Tokeland This Weekend

TOKELAND, Wash. – The Trek Across Tokeland is on Sunday, July 7, with registration at the Tradewinds from 8:30-noon. The $5 donation includes a sack lunch & coupon for a shrimp cocktail. The trails are a combination of new and old, with different levels of difficulty.
The most difficult and longest hike takes about 2 ½ hours and you should have hiking boots and maybe a walking stick. Definitely bring your camera. The new trail, of lesser difficulty, takes about an hour. Those hikes leave at set times & must be taken as a group because they are on Tribal land.
The most difficult hike leaves the Tradewinds at 9:15 and the new one leaves the Tradewinds at 11:30. The easiest one is a self-paced trail in the woods and along the water.