Alleged Metal Theft Family Arrested in Oakville

Deputies and detectives eventually learned that the 40 year old man and his 44 year old girlfriend had stolen metal from a Quonset Hunt that had been located on property in the 100 block of Norton Road, not far from this location.  It was also learned that the 58 year old female normally would first go to various property’s to see what was available to steal and if contacted by property owners or witnesses, would claim that she was lost or disoriented.


The 40 year old man, his 44 year old girlfriend, and the 58 year old mother were all arrested and transported to the Grays Harbor County Jail where they were booked for Theft 1st degree.


Detectives eventually located the owner of the property on Norton Road.  The property owner was not aware of the theft at the time however advised that the value of the Quonset Hut was $10,000.00.  The hut was still in its new packaging and had not been erected yet.  The suspect’s had taken over half of the hut however received less than $200 for the value of the scrap.  It is believed however that the total loss in $10,000.00 as the property owner is not sure the various items can be separately replaced.