Copalis Crossing could lose ambulance service on Monday

COPALIS CROSSING, Wash. – The fire district that covers Copalis Crossing in North Grays Harbor is hoping a deal can be reached with the City of Hoquiam before ambulance service is cut off on Monday.
With a new commissioner on their board, Fire District 16 is looking for ideas to help pay off over $15-thousand in back bills. Commissioner Caroline Perry told the Hoquiam city council this week “We have a contract with the city of Hoquiam. Right now we pay 370 every time they come out into our district. We’ve been paying the current amount, we haven’t gone any further behind, we just haven’t been able to catch up.”
Perry said she is meeting with the city today to discuss payment options. They received a letter from the city of Hoquiam last month, stating that if they couldn’t pay in full by the end of the week service would be cut off July 1. If ambulance service is cut off on Monday, the city would only send out a crew for trauma-related calls.
The volunteer fire hall is funded by their tax base, and has held fundraisers like the Barn Bash in the past to fund everything from safety gear to ambulance services.
They’re also looking for volunteers from the North shore,  meetings are Thursday nights at 7 PM at the Copalis Crossing Fire Hall.