Cosmopolis approves utility rate increases

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. – The Cosmopolis City Council last night approved rate increases to utility bills. Community Development Director Darrin Raines detailed changes to the water rates “the consumption charge went up 6%, base rate 11.5%. For the average user in Cosmopolis, their bill would go up $3.79 [monthly].
Raines said the city has some big expenses to plan for “The main pump station has three pumps that are over 35 years old, they had a life expectancy of 25. They’re something that we need to plan on for replacement. Those pumps and the panels are going to cost well over $100,000. So this is something we’re trying to be prudent and plan for, this will help get us on that track. Rather than a big jump later on, this will slowly get us to where we need to be.” Raines said sewer rates for Cosmopolis residents will also increase by 4.5% when the changes take effect, July 1st.