Dead Fin Whale Washes up on Ocean Shores Beach

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. (AP) – A 68-foot male fin whale washed ashore dead Thursday morning on the coast about four miles north of Ocean Shores.

Cascadia Research Collective’s John Calambokidis says the whale likely died after being struck by a ship. The whale had evidence of blunt force trauma.

Calambokidis says fin whales are at higher risk of being hurt by ship strikes. He says the reason is under study but it may be that those species don’t know how to react to ships, which are becoming faster and more numerous.

Earlier this year an incomplete fin whale carcass washed ashore in the Puget Sound. Calambokidis says that carcass also had signs of a ship strike.

Fin whales usually swim further offshore than most other baleen whales that are spotted in Washington waters.