New Hope for NewWood Manufacturing Plant in Grays Harbor County

Port Commissioners this morning accepted Triventas’ request for a lease, and directed staff to draft a lease to bring back to commissioners for approval.

NewWood Manufacturing Inc. bought the then-former Boise Cascade Home Plate Siding facility in 2010. Boise Cascade built the $170 million, 275,000-square-foot facility to create durable lap siding from recycled materials for use in homes.
Echavarria said to bring the plant online would take about 20 employees, to add their goals would push that number closer to 35 “We think that from an employment perspective as we fill capacity we’ll go beyond that. We’re just trying to stay very focused on stabilizing and getting the business to profitability.

Executive Director at the Port, Gary Nelson asked what they needed, and what their timeline was, Echavarria replied “We have signed an asset purchase agreement, the asset purchase agreement has two contingencies. Completion of the due diligence process, the second contingencies is to have a lease in place. The timeframe is that we’re targeting closing on or before July 31st, of this year.