Grays Harbor Community Foundation announces the creation of a new Public Art Fund

Foundation Executive Director, Jim Daly said, “This project has been a wonderful experience in cooperation. The City, the Foundation, contractors, the community, and the artist all worked together seamlessly to develop a noteworthy and meaningful, permanent piece of public art. This will draw the pride and attention of all who live here, work here, or even just pass through.”

Daly continues, “Mr. Quigg and the Community Foundation would love for such projects to continue to be developed in Grays Harbor. This Area of Interest fund, for public art, is open for anyone to support. Any donation for this purpose will be set aside for the Foundation Board to determine which future public art projects to support through our Discretionary Grants Program.”

Daly is quick to remind the public of the dedication of “Breaker” scheduled for 11:00 am, Saturday, June 8th at the Weatherwax Triangle, at the intersection of Simpson and Park in Aberdeen. The street will be closed for a short period, and traffic re-routed around the site, to ensure public safety and good viewing of the piece and the short ceremony.

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation is a 501(c) (3) with a mission: “To improve the quality of life in the communities throughout Grays Harbor County.”

The public is encouraged to contribute to their favorite charities and may donate to the Grays Harbor Community Foundation to support the Public Art Fund, or for a variety of other purposes. Tax deductible donations may be made to: Grays Harbor Community Foundation, P.O. Box 615, Hoquiam, WA 98520

Or you may find out more by checking the foundation website: or you may contact: Jim Daly at 532-1600 or by e-mail at: [email protected]


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