Public Art Project Dedication Announced, Breaker at the Weatherwax Triangle


In 2002, Aberdeen’s J.M. Weatherwax High School, a historic building built in 1909, was destroyed by a fire. The Weatherwax family long contributed to the Grays Harbor Community as philanthropists and civic leaders epitomizing humility, hard work, and generosity.  The loss of the building generated community interest in creating a new physical acknowledgment to the Weatherwax family. 


Architectural sandstone blocks previously installed on the high school building’s facade were salvaged for re-use in the effort to recognize anew these ordinary people who did extraordinary things, and to inspire others to do the same.


A reminder of the Weatherwax legacy, the stones also serve as a symbol of strength and survival, rising from the ashes, and resilience: qualities that Aberdeen residents see within themselves. Some of the stones are permanently displayed in the new high school building which opened in 2007, while others were artistically re-used with interpretation in this public artwork opportunity.


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