Two Arrested in Pacific County Theft Investigation

LONG BEACH, Wash. – On May 6th, 2013 the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a theft that had occurred from a residence located near 109th and Sandridge road in the Long Beach area. A deputy responded and spoke with the reporting party. The reporting party stated that three rifles had been stolen along with two lawn mowers, hand tools and rare coins. The deputy started the initial investigation of the incident at that time. 

On May 24th, the deputy investigating the incident received updated information regarding the possible whereabouts of some of the stolen items. The deputy learned that some of the items had been sold to other people. The deputy questioned those people and was able to identify two suspects that may have committed the initial theft. During the course of the investigation, the three rifles were recovered as well as most of the other stolen property. The deputy also learned that one of the suspects had forged fraudulent bills of sale for some of the items. The deputy also learned that the two suspects knew the victim. 

On May 27th, deputies arrested a 42 year old Pacific County resident for 5 counts of Trafficking in Stolen Property in the 1st Degree and 3 counts of Theft of a Firearm. A 49 year old Pacific County man was also arrested for 7 counts of Trafficking in Stolen Property in the 1st Degree and 2 counts of Forgery.

Both were booked into the Pacific County Jail.