Raymond Fourth Grade Class Visits University of Washington

RAYMOND, Wash. – In keeping with the College Bound theme, fourth grade students from Raymond Elementary School visited the University of Washington on Thursday May 9th.  After arriving, students were treated to a campus tour.  Some of the tour highlights were visiting the “Harry Potter” Reading room in the gothic-style Suzzalo Library, seeing the world’s largest book, walking the Quad and Red Square, and checking out the HUB (Husky Union Building). Students also learned about some of the majors that UW has to offer.

After a quick lunch, students met at the University of Washington’s Burke Museum. The meeting place was the Life and Times of Washington, an exhibit about the natural history of our state.  Students were divided into small groups to “dig” prehistoric fossils in the Discovery Lab.   They also “found” some ancient artifacts such as Clovis points.  Later in the session they worked to identify their finds and establish which geologic time period the finds fit into.   Some of the more exciting “finds” were a saber tooth tiger tusk, a velociraptor claw, and the largest T-rex tooth ever discovered.  The chaperones, Mrs. deMontigny, Mr. Clements, and all the students agreed that this was one awesome field trip.