Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. Wins Commerce Award

This year, Pac 5 again collaborated on a regional Cluster Analysis and Strategic Alignment that identifies the major economic clusters of the region. Additionally, the Association Development Organizations (ADOs) coordinated to ensure success, making sure that the next steps include strategic alignments there to support the clusters by maximizing training, expansion and recruitment.

Another exciting program has been Pac 5 Energy, seen in Grays Harbor County as Greater Grays Harbor Energy. The ADOs provided energy evaluations and rebates for energy efficiency upgrades, giving a shot in the arm to local businesses that provide those upgrades while saving money to companies and residents, generating and retaining jobs.

“We’re pleased to be honored, as a part of Pac 5, with this award, because we know that in order for the Harbor to move forward, we have to not only build our own strengths up locally, but to collaborate with our regional business and economic partners to build and leverage our collective strength,” said Tim Gibbs, CEO of Greater Grays Harbor, Inc.

Lynn Longan, ADO Resource and Communications Manager for Commerce, said that “Greater Grays Harbor Inc. has shown the true spirit of innovation and cooperation by collaborating with four neighboring ADOs to remove barriers and create new and exciting economic development synergies.”