Educational Service District 113 Board Names New Superintendent

Additionally Anderson’s own education has been continual, and recently culminated in his Doctorate of Education degree in international education leadership from the University of London earlier this spring. He has received awards for teaching, vocational administration, curriculum leadership, student achievement leadership, and product development.

“I am extremely humbled by the opportunity to serve in the role of superintendent of the ESD 113,” said Anderson.

“Our current superintendent, Bill Keim, has established an amazing legacy of leadership that includes expanding the Washington School Information Processing Cooperative, creating a Network of ESDs, completing a move to new facilities and expanding the services of our ESD. I will strive to follow his example of leadership, while bringing my own approach to leading and learning.  Along with my colleagues at ESD 113, I wish to express my gratitude to Bill for his years of service, and to our Board of Directors for their collective wisdom and policy guidance.”

Anderson continued, “We are working in a time of dramatic change in education, including revisions to teacher and principal evaluation, enhancements to content standards under the Common Core State Standards, and a renewed emphasis on early learning and increasing expectations for schools.” Anderson pointed to ESD 113’s demonstrated excellence in supporting leaders and teachers in support of student academic success. “We have a history of innovative approaches to providing student support and non-academic intervention. Our fiscal, human resource, technology, facilities and instructional support staff continually demonstrate a commitment to excellent service.,” he said.

“As the ESD 113 superintendent, my primary roles will be to encourage and nurture our staff, expand relationships with community and regional educational leaders, and promote the ESD Network as a vital part of the statewide system of education,” reflected Anderson.

“I am excited about the future role of ESDs and proud to serve our region and state in this new opportunity,” he enthusiastically shared.